Della Street
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Della Street was... Marshall Nelson, Ron Logan, Jeff Johnson, Donnie Frank, and Mark Scheele
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"More than once, Della Street... has been accused of lip synching to the music because their renditions
of Stones, Zeppelin, and Who songs are so authentic... At their last Aspen stand one listener even put
$100 on the line to prove his point. He was wrong. Any other Doubting Thomases are invited to put
their money where their mouth is."
- The Aspen Times

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"The first time I booked Della Street into to the Paragon I knew something amazing had just happened.
This band caught the attention of everyone and the word spread like wildfire. Locals came out like I had never
seen before, tourists were waiting in line to get in the door to see this astonishing band play their
flawless renditions of Yes, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Doors....... the list goes on and on. You all know
what I am talking about. And you also know that no one can mention the talent of Della Street's music
without taking notice of how beautiful all of the original music is. "In my lonely life" is my personal favorite.

As the night club manager I got to see both sides of the band; the talent as musicians, and the
professional business men as well. All the years that Della Street played at the Paragon the band
was always the most professional when it came to business matters. Always showed up early,
always had a fantastic attitude, always gave 1,000%, always wowed the crowd and filled the house.
It was such a pleasure to work with you guys and enjoy your music all those years.

Thank you Della Street for a lot of great memories!!!"
- Ann Marie Wiseman (Manager of the Paragon, Aspen Co.)