It was the friends we made as we traveled across the country that made the five years we spent on the road so great!
Not to mention our good friends in Albuquerque who were there for us when it all first started and when it all ended.
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Two of our best friends/fans, Dee and Chris from Dallas.

Ann Marie Wiseman
Club Manager of the Paragon, Aspen CO

Even the actress Barbara Hale who brought the character
Della Street to life in the Perry Mason television series
came out to see us in Colorado!

Tammy Fry was a very good friend/fan in the Denver area.

Brian Johnson from AC/DC came out to see us when we
were in Aspen. Here he's on the slopes with John.

Natalie was a good friend/fan from the Dallas area.

In loving memory of Sabrina Swafford.

In loving memory of George Gensinger.

We loved it when Martin would set in on sax or flute!

Tracey worked the door at the Bird in Albuquerque.

Mike McDade and Marshall.

Birthday limo for Tracey and Sherry with Sabrina, Bethie,
and Nancy.

Kathryn and Breanna were friends/fans from Florida.

George with the guys in Aspen.

We have to include Sherry, the "Queen BC".
Jeff and Sherry finally got married in 1998.

Birthday cake for Sherry and Tracey.

Nancy Lockwood was Danny's girlfriend.

Lori with Jon Bon Jovi.

Bat, Brenda, and Echo.

Bethie and Tracey in the limo.

Ann Marie taking Marshall for a snowmobile ride in Aspen.

Tammy and Trish from the Dallas area.

Sonia, Mark, Kim, Sharon, Rick, and Terri.

Marshall and Jamie.

Top - Cheryl, Nancy, Nancy, and Sonia
Bottom - Mary and Kim

Joe and Debe. They were there from start to finish.

PARTY! Xmas '88 Donnie, Mark and Sharon.


Joe and Debe's wedding in the east mountains.

Sharon and Jamie.

Della Street with Lisa Janzen.

Diane and Donnie

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