Mark Scheele - Guitars and Vocals



Mark Scheele wasn’t just another guitarist. Since he first picked up a guitar in the 8th grade, he pursued a standard of excellence inspired by the likes of David Gilmore and Eddie Van Halen. He formed his first band, Promise, in 1980. In 1984 Mark joined NXT, an extremely popular band that toured the southwest for 2 ½ years.

Mark used a number of guitars when he performed with Della Street. A Les Paul Custom, a Stratocaster copy that he built himself (it’s the blue one you see in all the pictures), a couple of other custom made guitars including one designed for slide. He also utilized an acoustic guitar specially fitted to a boom stand that he could swing around and play at a moment’s notice. Mark’s expertise on the guitar was one of the defining factors in the unique sound of Della Street.

After Della Street, Mark went to work for the U.S. District Court System here in Albuquerque as a Procurement Officer for many years. After a while though the politics of the job became too much and he left. He is now working as a sub contractor installing sound systems in various venues and is much happier.

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