Jeff Johnson - Bass, Keyboards, and Vocals

Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson made his bass the heart of Della Street. The most educated musician in the band, Jeff studied piano, trumpet, clarinet, saxiphone, and guitar as well as music theory. He also explored the area of synthesizers, digital sampling, sequencers, and drum machines in his own 8-track home studio. After joining Della Street, Jeff’s studio is where he produced Della’s first demo tapes.

Jeff started playing bass at the age of sixteen and his abilities were immediately evident when watching Della Street perform. His back ground included Rock, Jazz, and Country-Western music. His influnces include, Chris Squire, Geddy Lee, Jaco Pastorius and others. While in college Jeff was a member of the Messilla Valley Jazz Workshop.

After Della, Jeff’s music was relegated to a weekend hobby which he continued for the next eleven years in the bands Stone Blue and QuiZling. Jeff first went into radio as a Disk Jockey (you might have heard him on 94Rock under the nickname JJ) and Program Director. Running a few computer automated talk radio stations. He then went to work in the service department at Sandia Computers where he learned a new carreer in computer repair. He became the service manager in less than two years. Jeff now works as a computer and network tech at Sandia Labs.

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